We are the encyclopedia of Dog rescue centers in the United Kingdom. By utilizing this information, people can easily see what are the best rescue centers in the UK for a specific breed. So, when you are in search of a dog rescue center, you can

We have covered all the dog rescue centers including some big names like Dogsblog, and Doodle Trust, etc to smaller ones like Terrier Rescue.
Also, we have put a dog rescue center list for all the different breeds that are popular or otherwise in the United Kingdom.

For instance, if you want to check out what are the best Maltipoo rescues in the United Kingdom, search Maltipoo and you will have a complete list of the top-rated dog rescue centers in the United Kingdom for Maltipoo.

No matter which dog breed rescue you are seeking, we have covered extensive dog breed rescues in the United Kingdom, which helps you choose the right dog rescue centers according to your requirements.

Our Story

Ever since I was a child, I always wanted to have a GSD, but could not afford it. So, a few years back I got to know about dog rescues, which were cheaper to get as compared to the kennel dogs.

However, the real problem was finding a rescue center for getting the GSD rescue. I was clueless and devastated to find out that there was little to no information available online about finding dog rescues.

I had to search hours, and hours for the right dog rescue center. That is when I got my first GSD rescue pet “BRUNO” (sadly my furry friend is not anymore, but his memories are always with me).

I found the work of choosing the right rescue center a lot easier, thus:

I came up with the idea of Dogrehomming, where I provide complete information about the dog rescues that are best for a specific breed. Here, on dogrehomming.com, you will have a complete list of dog rescues. In short, we are a directory of dog rescue centers in the United Kingdom.

Our Vision

Our company vision is quite simple, we want to be a directory of all the dog rescue centers in the United Kingdom, which will help our users easily choose among the dog rescue centers.

We have listed the top-rated dog rescue centers in the United Kingdom for the specific breeds. For instance, we have provided users with the “best rescue centers for Cavapoo”. In this way, you can have a list of the best rescues for the Cavapoos only, if a rescue center is good for a specific breed, that does not guarantee that it would be good for others too.

We aim to not only provide you with knowledge about the dog breeds but also, provide you extensive knowledge about choosing the right rescue center and much more.

Our Team

I am on a solo venture here, although, I take the help of friends and some freelancers as well, but still, I manage this blog on my own. I am Zayan Malik (you can read more about me on the author page), the owner and founder of this blog, and I manage everything on this blog (except photo editing), I take help with photo editing from a freelancer.

I research and write blog posts, and visit, and review different rescue centers available throughout the country. Then I write about the rescue centers, allowing you to choose the right rescue center according to your needs.

Ways to Get in Touch

There are multiple methods to get in touch with me, you can get in touch using an email address, email, and phone number.

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