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3 Amazing Blue French Bulldog Rescue Centres in the UK

Great! You have decided to get a Blue French Bulldog rescue instead of buying one, and now looking for places to get one?

Well, if that’s the case, you have landed on the right blog post, as here, we have provided you with all the top Blue French Bulldog rescues in the United Kingdom.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s check out these Blue French Bulldog rescue centres.

Blue French Bulldog Rescues in the United Kingdom

1. French Bulldog Saviours (FBS)

The French Bulldog Saviours (FBS) run by the founder Lindsey Scanlon is one of the best French Bulldog rescues in the United Kingdom.

The story of this Frenchie rescue is quite interesting. The founder Lindsey Scanlon rescued a French Bulldog in 2013, which ultimately laid the foundation for this rescue.

To date, they have helped rescue hundreds of French Bulldogs across the UK. As of now, there are a handful of Blue Frech Bulldog rescues available on the website.

One of the key things that I like about this rescue is the commitment to the welfare of the breed. Upon rescuing the dog, they take immense care of the dogs providing them with medication, vaccines, and socialization training.

French Bulldog Saviours relies heavily on volunteers for the welfare of the dogs. There are volunteer fosters associated with the rescue which do the fostering of the dog at their home.

The adoption process is also super-quick and straightforward. You need to go to the adoption page, select the dog you want to rescue, and then fill out the application form, and the rescue centre will contact you.

As of writing up this blogpost, there are four rescue dogs available on French Bulldog Saviours, hence, you can choose the dog which perfectly suits your requirements.

Information About French Bulldog Saviours (FBS):


Phone: 07714579474


Mail: [email protected]

2. Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue

The Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue is another amazing French Bulldog Rescue centre in the United Kingdom offering Frenchies that are rescued from the streets or surrendered by their owners.

Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue has volunteers throughout the country who help the rescue onboard new rescue French bulldogs. Not only do they help the rescue centre onboard new dogs, but also, they also help in the fostering of the dogs.

This rescue centre is based in Bedford but has operations running across the country, as they have volunteers across the United Kingdom.

The adoption process at Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue is quite straightforward, as they have listed all the dogs on their website, and you need to fill out the application form. After that, the rescue will visit your place several times to ensure that you are a good fit for the dog.

The adoption fee of this dog rescue centre also varies according to the age of the dog that you are planning to get. It ranges from £150-£595 depending upon the age of the dog. Incase you are planning to get a Blue French Bulldog rescue, this rescue centre is highly recommended.

Information About Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue:


Phone: 03007727716


Mail: [email protected]


Third on our list is the FRENCH BULLDOG RESCUE GB, which is another Blue French Bulldog rescue centre based out of the United Kingdom working for the rehoming of French Bulldogs.

Like the other two rescues above, FRENCH BULLDOG RESCUE GB is a non-profit organization that works for the welfare of the French Bulldogs and relies on donations and volunteer work.

Karen and Rachel are the faces behind this rescue centre which is based out of Oxfordshire.

Although this rescue centre is not as big as the other two rescue centres on the top of our list, still, this rescue does amazing work in providing new homes to the French Bulldogs.

The adoption process is a no-brainer with the FRENCH BULLDOG RESCUE GB, and the adoption fee is also lower than the comparable rescue centres.


Location: GROVE, Wantage, Oxfordshire, OX12 0QJ

Phone: 07769907730


Mail: [email protected]

How to Choose the Right Blue French Bulldog Rescue?

Above, we have provided five different Blue French Bulldog rescues in the United Kingdom, still, it can be hard to choose the right rescue centre. Therefore, we have provided some easy to follow steps which can make it easier to choose the right rescue.

Dog Rescue Type

In the UK, there are two types of Blue French Bulldog rescue centres, French bulldog-only rescue centres (these rescues only deal with Frenchies and not any other rescue breed).

Then, there are generic dog rescues like the RSPCA, and the Dogs Trust, which deal with all the different types of dog rescues.

I highly recommend choosing breed-specific rescues for both the quality of the dog rescue and for the love of the breed.

Since the majority of the breed-only rescues are small, who are working for the love of the specific breed, I endorse choosing the small breed-only rescue above all-breed rescues.


After making up your mind about a specific breed, it’s now time to check out the reviews of the rescue centre you are planning to choose. For reviews, I recommend checking social media channels and asking your peers.


Ensure the dog rescue centre you are choosing is not too far away. If the dog rescue centre is too far, it can become a problem both for you and the dog rescue centre. So, always try to pick up a dog rescue centre which is not far apart for convenience.

Check Whether Blue French Bulldog is a Good Fit for You or Not.

Before you get a rescue, you need to ensure whether the breed you are choosing is good enough for you or not. Below, we have provided you the traits of the breed, so, it becomes easier for you to know whether it is a good fit for you or not.

Breed SizeToy Breed
Lifespan10-12 Years
Height11-13 Inches
Weight10-24 lbs
TemperamentEnergetic, Playful, Loyal, Patient
Good With KidsExcellent With Kids

Characteristics of Blue French Bulldog:

  • Patient
  • Energetic
  • Playful
  • Lively
  • Affectionate

Drawbacks of Blue French Bulldog:

  • Skin Allergy
  • Respiratory Issues
  • They Fart Alot

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Will a Blue French Bulldog Rescue Cost?

Typically, a Blue French Bulldog rescue will cost you anywhere from 300-800GBP, and the price of the rescue dog depends upon the rescue centre, age, and medical expenses of the dogs.

Can We Find a Rescued Blue French Bulldog in the UK?

Yes, you can find a rescued Blue French Bulldog in the UK, there are a handful of dog rescue centres which can help you choose a rescue dog.

Why are Blue French Bulldog Rescues so Rare?

Blue French Bulldog rescues are rare due to the fact that it’s a rare breed and not over-bred like some of the other dogs.


Blue Frenchies are a popular breed in the UK, and it’s the reason you can easily find its rescues in the UK.

Here in this blog post, I have provided three most popular Blue French Bulldog rescues in the United Kingdom. You can choose your next Blue French Bulldog from any of these rescue centres at your convenience.

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