Who we are

We are Dogrehomming with the URL of https://dogrehomming.com. This privacy policy page shows you how we collect and use your data. When you use our website, you agree to use the data we collect.

Below, we have provided you with all the information about what type of data do we collect, how we collect this data, and then finally why we collect and use the data.

Information that We Collect:

There are two types of information that we may collect when you use our website. The first one is when you generally use our website, and the second one is when you make a comment on our website.

Below, we have provided what information we collect in case of general website visits, and when in case someone makes a comment/contacts us.

Generally: When you use our website, we may collect data like IP address, browser type, the operating system, etc.

When Submit Contact Form: We may collect your name, email, and phone number when you make the contact via the contact form.

How We Collect the Information:

Information like the IP address, browser type, operating system, etc are automatically collected via systems in place. On the other hand, the name, email, and phone number are collected via the forms.

What is the Information Collected From You Used for?

The information that we collect from you is used to enhance the user experience and provide the ads specified for user engagement. When we collect the forms, they are collected for use in the future reference.

Third-Party Services

The third-party privacy policies that we mention here are our own privacy policies, and they are not the privacy policies of our ad partners or affiliate partners, which means the policies that you see here are just our own policies and not the policies of the


Like the norm, we also use cookies for a certain period of time to store the user data. In this way, when the user comes to visit the website again in this interval, the information is personalized, which provides a better website visiting experience.

Google DoubleClick DART Cookies

As a part of our monetization policy, we use Google Adsense to generate revenue, Google uses the DART cookies to provide you with personalized ads based on your behavior. You can learn more about the Google DART cookies here, https://policies.google.com/technologies/ads, additionally, you can also refuse to accept the terms and conditions that come along the Google DART cookies.

Children Information

Another crucial part of our privacy policy is the children’s information. We are deeply concerned about the privacy of the children that come online and provide the best possible protection.

Therefore, as part of our company policy, we do not collect any sort of information from children you are below the age of 13.