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What is Dog Fostering? [Benefits + Procedure]

Dog fostering basically means taking care of a dog for a certain period of time, and ‘No’, it’s not the same as dog adoption.

In this blog post, I will shed light on dog fostering, how to do it, how it is different from dog adoption, and what are the benefits of being a foster.

What Exactly is Dog Fostering?

Dog fostering means you have to take care of a dog for a certain period until it’s new forever home is being found.

That means you take care of the dog for a specified time, taking the dog from the shelter and being the parent of the dog, and when the shelter is able to find a new permanent owner of the dog, which have to give the dog to the new owner.

Summing it up, dog fostering means taking a homeless dog, providing it with love, and training it until its new home is found.

Difference Between Dog Fostering & Adopting

There is a huge difference between dog fostering and dog adoption. When you are getting a dog for fostering, it means that you are taking care of the dog for a specified period of time untilt the dog shelter finds a new permanenet owner of the dog.

On the other hand, incase of the adoption, you are permanently taking the responsibility of the dog, and forever owner of it.

Ownership of the DogTime-beingPermanent
Vet BillsPaid by ShelterPaid by Owner
FeeNo FeeSmall Fee
Legal OwnerNoYes

What are the Benefits of Fostering a Dog?

There are numerous benefits of fostering a dog, as it is a win-win situation for both you and the dog. Below, we have provided all the benefits of fostering a dog.

  • Fostering a dog allows you to spend time with the new dog which according to the studies makes you a happier person.
  • Since the dog is with you for a time being, you can only foster a dog when you have time for it.
  • All the medical bills are paid by the shelter home, so, if the pet gets sick, you are covered.
  • You are helping the poor dog by providing it with clean environment and affection.
  • By taking the load away from the rescue centre, you are allowing the rescue centre to save more dogs.
  • When you foster a dog, you socialize the dog, which makes it understand the real-world better.

How to Become a Dog Foster Parent?

Now, that you know all the information about becoming a dog foster parent, the benefits of becoming a foster parent and the difference between dog fostering, and adoption, now it’s time to provide you with the complete process for becoming a dog foster parent.

Steps Involved for Becoming a Dog Foster Parent

  • In order to become a dog foster parent, firstly, you need to gather a list of the dog rescues in your area.
  • After finding the dog rescue in your area, it’s now time to apply for the foster volunteer job on their website.
  • Afterwards, they will contact you, and ask relevent questions like “Why you want to foster”, or “Have you done dog fostering before?”.
  • Answers all the questions honestly, and if the dog rescue center thinks that you are a suitable candidate for the dog rescuing job, they will call you for it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do We Get Paid for Fostering Dogs?

No, you do not get paid for fostering dogs. It’s a volunteer job, and you do the dog fostering as a good gesture. Most dogs run on charities that too on a very tight budget, so, they cannot afford to pay the foster parents.

Do All the Dog Rescue Centres Work With Foster Volunteers?

Well, although the majority of the dog rescue centres do work with volunteers, but, not all the dog rescue centres do work with volunteers.

Is Fostering Good for Dogs?

Yes, fostering is super-beneficial for dogs, as they not only get love from you but also learn social skills, which help them very much in the long term.


Fostering means providing the animal/dog with a home, parent, care, and love for time being until it’s new home is found.

It’s a volunteer job that people do to take away the pressure from the shelters or dog rescue centres as most of the dog rescue centres do not have the finances.

In this guide, we have also provided you with the differences, steps, and benefits of becoming a foster parent.

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