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Best Goldendoodle Rescue in the UK (2024 Updated)

Goldendoodles are a medium-sized breed, which is a mix of a Golden Retriever and a poodle.

This designer breed is highly sought after as it is attentive, playful, and full of fun.

Finding the right Goldendoodle rescue in the United Kingdom can be a very pressing task, as there are a few quality rehoming available in the UK.

Here, we have compiled a complete list of top-rated rescues, which can help you get your next Goldendoodle for adoption.

List of the Goldendoodle Rescues in the United Kingdom

1. Doodle Trust

The number one resource for getting a Goldendoodle rescue in the United Kingdom is the Doodle Trust, which is the original Doodle rescue charity in the United Kingdom.

Ever since it’s inception in 2007, Doodle Trust has been providing quality poodle rescues. The quality of rescue dog lies in the volunteers.

Doodle Trust upon receiving the Goldendoodles, does all the medications, vaccination, and socialization before handing over the dog to you.

Another cool thing is that Doodle Trust also provides awareness to the person who is adopting the new pet, so, they can better take care of the new dog.

Last but not least, they have a vast collection of doodles including the Goldendoodles. So, if you are looking for Goldendoodles, then Doodle Trust is your go-to place.

Information About Doodle Trust:

Location: New Market Street, Castle Douglas, DG7 1HY, UNITED KINGDOM

Phone: 0300 123 4185


Mail: [email protected]

2. Doodle Rescue

Second, on our list is Doodle Rescue, which is another doodle-only rescue centre, and has an immense collection of all the rescued doodles including the Goldendoodles.

So, in case you are looking for a Goldendoodle to rehome in the United Kingdom, you must check the Doodle Rescue.

This Doodle-only rescue was established in 2016 and has been helping doodles to find new forever homes ever since.

They foster the dogs that are abandoned or relinquished by their owners and then list them on their website for adoption. Not only do they foster the dogs, but also, they provide vaccinations, medication, and necessary training to the dog, so, it can be a great addition to the new family.

You can check out rescue on their website, as they always have Goldendoodles available for adoption.

The process for adopting a dog from Doodle Rescue is also quite straightforward. You have to look on their website for the availability of dogs, and then apply on the dog’s page for all the information.

Afterwards, you will have to apply for adoption. Doodle Rescue will perform all the due diligence, and then provide you with all the details regarding the adoption process (which includes the fee).

Information About Doodle Rescue:

Location: DOODLE RESCUE, Lytchett House,13 Freeland Park, Wareham Road, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6FA, United Kingdom

Phone: 07419364998


Mail: [email protected]

3. Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dog charity, and no surprise, one of the best places to get your next dog rescue.

There are a large number of dogs available on Dogs Trust, not only there is a large number of dogs available on the Dogs Trust, but also, Dogs Trust provides immense training, and socialization to the dog.

Another cool thing that you would like about Dog’s Trust is that there are over 20 shelter centres onboard, allowing you to pick up your dog rescue from either of these centres.

Information About Dogs Trust:

Location: 17 Wakley Street, EC1V 7RQ, London, United Kingdom

Phone: 020 7837 0006


Mail: [email protected]

4. Dogs Blog

Dogs Blog is one of the biggest dog rescue websites in the United Kingdom. They have helped people get over 69,000 dogs, which shows the popularity of the dog rescue facility.

At the time of writing this blog post, there were currently 11 Goldendoodle dogs available on the Dogs Blog, ranging from small puppies to fully grown-up dogs. Apart from the Goldendoodles, there are also Cavapoo rescues, and Tibetan Terrier rescues available there.

The vast collection of dogs comes from the 650 shelters associated with the Dogs Blog, providing you with the range of choices available.

Another thing that I like about the Dogs Blog is that there are numerous filters available on the website, which allows you to easily navigate throught the website and choose the right Goldendoodle accordingly.

Information About Dogs Blog:



5. Doodle Aid

Our last pick for getting a Goldendoodle rescue in the UK is Doodle Aid, which is another dedicated Doodle rescue focussing on poodle, and cross doodles.

The philosophy behind Doodle Aid is pretty simple, they want to foster the dogs from the previous poodle owners, and then hand them over to the new owners who are looking for Doodles.

This charity which is run by volunteer has been up and running since 2016, and they have helped tens of dog to a new home.

You can check out more about the adoption process, and the available Goldendoodles at their website.

Information About Doodle Aid:

Location: England, Wales, United Kingdom

Phone: No Phone Number


Mail: [email protected]

How to Choose the Right Goldendoodle Rehoming Centre

Above, I have provided you with a complete list of the options available for getting a rescued Goldendoodle, still, it can be quite confusing to choose the right Goldendoodle rescue centre, thus, we have compiled this guide, which will help you choose your next Golden poodle.

Bring on the Research

In the very first step, you need to bring on the research to get a list of the rescue centres offering Goldendoodles rescues in the United Kingdom.

We have already done the hard work for you, as we have provided you with the complete list of the options available. You can quickly get onto the list and see the top Goldendoodle rescues in the country.

Checkout for Reviews

Since you have already done the research part for you, now, in the second step, you need to check out the reviews of the rescue that you are getting.

For the reviews, you can check out the Google reviews, and Facebook reviews, and also you can ask for your close-ups for the reviews.

Location of the Rescue Center

When you are choosing a rescue centre, you also need to keep the location of the rescue centre or the dog owner (in case the rescue centre connects you with the dog owner).

If the rescue centre you are choosing to adopt your next dog is too far away, it can be quite difficult for you to go and check out the dog or get it.

So, while choosing a rescue centre for getting a dog, ensure you keep the proximity in your mind.

Inspecting the Dog

In the final step, you need to thoroughly inspect the dog you are getting. Ask its previous owner questions about its health, and also the eating habits of the dogs. You just cannot skip these questions.

So, when you are choosing a rescue centre to get a Goldendoodle, you need to get to know the owner, ask him/her questions, and also keep their number for any future reference.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Rescued Dog

After choosing the right rescue centre, you now need to select the Goldendoodle out of the available options. There are a handful of important things that you need to look out for in a Goldendoodle before you finally get it.

Below, we have listed each of these things in great detail that you need to check out in detail.

Age of the Dog

The first thing that you need to check out when you are getting a Goldendoodle is the age of the dog that you are getting. You can either get a Goldendoodle puppy (up to 16 months of age), or you can get an adult dog.

The choice totally depends upon you, as it is easier to train a puppy as per your requirements, and it will easily get along.

However, it is also hard to train a puppy, which you should keep in mind before getting a rescue.

On the other hand, an adult Goldendoodle would be fully trained, but, it will take some time to get along.

Dog Health

Another thing that you need to notice while getting a dog is its health, as you do not want to get a dog that isn’t in the best of health.

So, when you are choosing a dog, ensure that it is playful, active, and in the best of health. So, both you and your new companion can have an excellent time together.

Adoption Cost

Last but not least, you also need to check out the adoption cost of the Goldendoodle you are getting. Since Goldendoodles are in high demand, you may need to pay a higher price as compared to the other poodle breeds.

Usually, the adoption cost of the rehomed Goldendoodle in the UK ranges from 400 GBP to 700 GBP depending upon the age, health condition, and the facility you are getting the dog from.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are Goldendoodles Famous?

Goldendoodles are famous due to their unique appeal, energetic behaviours, and friendliness.

What’s the Best Place to Get a Goldendoodle in the UK?

Doodle Trust is the number one place to get a Doodle in the United Kingdom. It works with doodles only and provides exceptional overall quality.

Are Goldendoodles High-Maintainenance?

Yes, Goldendoodles are high-maintenance, as they need regular grooming due to their fluffy coat.


Goldendoodles are an amazing designer breed, which is a mix of a Golden Retriever and a poodle, making them a perfect playful companion.

The best rehoming centres for Goldendoodle in the UK are Doodle Trust, Doodle Rescue, Doodle Trust, Dogs Blog, and Doodle Aid respectively.

Also, we have provided a complete guide for choosing the right Goldendoodle rescue centre as well as choosing the right dog for your needs.

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