list of cairn terrier Rescues in United Kingdom

Cairn Terrier Rescues UK (2024 UPDATED)

Cairn Terrier is a UK-originated dog breed that is highly intelligent, fearless, attentive, and aggressive. The nativeness of the breed makes it highly popular in the United Kingdom.

If you are seeking a Cairn Terrier Rescue in the UK and don’t have a clue where to go, then this guide is for you, I have provided you with a complete list of the best-rated Cairn Terrier rescues.

List of Cairn Terrier Rescues in the United Kingdom

1. Terrier Rescue

In case you are looking for a terrier (regardless of what terrier), the go-to place is Terrier Rescue, which rescues all Terrier breeds. So, when you are looking for a Terrier, you know where to head to.

Terrier Rescue is based in Surrey and depends heavily on it’s volunteers for the fostering of the dogs. In this way, the dogs that you get from Terrier Rescue are better trained and socialized.

Apart from the fosters, Terrier Rescue also uses boarding kennels for the fostering of the dogs until they find their next home.

All the dogs that you will get from Terrier Rescue will be micro-chipped, neutered, vaccinated, and socialized, hence, anything that you will be getting from this dog rescue will be house-ready.

The adoption fee of Terrier Rescue is also quite reasonable. They charge 250 pounds for adult terrier dogs, and 400 pounds for dogs that are less than a year old.

Information About Terrier Rescue UK:

Location: The Dog House Hathersham Lane, Smallfield, Horley, England, RH6 9JG


2. Cairn Rescue Relief Fund

Unlike the Terrier Rescue, which works with all kinds of terriers, the Cairn Terrier Relief Fund only works with Cair Terriers, which means they are more specified, and provide better training to the rescued dogs.

Behind Cairn Rescue Relief Fund, there is a small team of volunteers who are take care of the Cairn Terriers that are ill-treated, abandoned, or given away for adoption by their owners.

They take care of the Terriers by providing them with necessary medication, training, and socialization, and then ultimately list them on their website, so their new owners can get the rescued dogs by paying a small fee.

Information About Cairn Rescue Relief Fund:

Location: 17 Wakley Street, EC1V 7RQ, London, United Kingdom

Phone: 020 7837 0006


Mail: [email protected]

3. Terrier SOS

The Terrier SOS is an exceptional Terrier rescue centre which helps rehome Terrier across Europe. Terrier SOS is based in the UK, and still, works throughout Europe to rehome Terriers including the Cairn Terriers.

So, if you are seeking to adopt a rescue Cairn Terrier, check out the Terrier SOS, as it’s another amazing place to get Terrier rescues.

The working procedure of Terrier SOS is very similar in nature to the Terrier Rescue, as both of them rely heavily on volunteers for the fostering of the dogs.

Information About Terrior SOS:

Location: East Lodge, Hutton Castle, BERWICK-UPON-TWEED, TD15 1TT

Phone: 02083062070


Mail[email protected]

4. Dogs Blog

Dogs Blog is another cool dog rescue that works with over 650 dog shelters throughout the country to provide you with a range of dogs.

To date, they have helped people rescue over 70,000 dogs, which is enormous.

The working process of Dogs Blog is pretty straightforward, as they work with over 650 shelters, they all get the rescued Cairn Terriers, and list them on their website.

When they list the dogs on their website, you can use the website to browse and adopt the dogs from there. Tens of filters are there to find the perfect dog according to your needs.

Information About Dogs Blog:



5. Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust is the largest dog charity in the United Kingdom with over 20 rescue and facilitation centres across the country.

Therefore, Dogs Trust is an excellent place to get Cairn Terrier rescue puppies. Not only there is quantity on the website, but also quality, as they have people who take care of the dogs as they are being fostered.

For instance, when they take up the dogs from their previous owners, they do all the medical checkups on the dog, provide it the necessary training, and then ultimately list it on the website, so, people like you can rescue the dog.

Information About Dogs Trust:

Location: 17 Wakley Street, EC1V 7RQ, London, United Kingdom

Phone: 020 7837 0006


Mail: [email protected]

How to Choose the Right Cairn Terrier Rescue

Choosing the right Cairn Terrier rescue can be a completely overwhelming experience as there are various things that you need to have in mind before pulling the trigger.

Below, we have provided all of these things in complete detail, which will allow you to choose the right Cairn Terrier rescue.


First of all, you need to carry out research to choose the right Cairn Terrier dog rescue centre. Here, I have already provided you with the top Cairn Terrier rescue centres in the United Kingdom.

There are three types of rescue centres in the case of the Cairn Terrier. There are Cairn Terrier-specific rescues, Terrier rescues, and general dog rescues.

I recommend prioritizing the dog rescue centres as per the above-provided order. The reason for it is quite simple, the Cairn Terrier Rescue UK will better understand the dogs and provide training accordingly. Also, in this way, you are supporting a rescue centre that is solely working for the breed.


The location of the rescue centre is a crucial thing that you should keep in mind, as most of dog rescues make visits to your home for checkups, and you also need to visit the dog shelter house. Thus, I recommend choosing the dog rescue centre that is close to you.


Despite the fact, that all the dog rescue centres that I have mentioned above are personally recommended, still, when you are picking up a dog rescue centre, you need to make sure that the rescue centre you are choosing has positive standing. For this, you can check out the reviews on Facebook, Google and other platforms.

Dog You are Getting

When you are picking up a dog, another crucial thing you need to keep in your mind is whether the dog rescue centre that you are picking up has the dog that you need. It means if you require a puppy, and they have got a puppy. So, it is vital to check out the offering of the dog rescue centre before making a commitment.

Whether Cairn Terrier is a Good Fit for You or Not?

Wondering whether a Cairn Terrier is a good fit for your needs or not? We have gathered all the characteristics, as well as the pros and cons of the Cairn Terrier, so, you can judge if it is a good fit for your needs.

BreedWorking Terrier
Breed SizeSmall
Lifespan10-15 Years
Height8-10 Inches
TemperamentObedient, Cheerful, Loyal
Good With KidsYes

Characteristics of Cairn Terrier:

  • Good With Kids
  • Very Low-Maintenance
  • Playful
  • Cheerful
  • Obedient

Drawbacks of Cairn Terrier:

  • Backbone Issues
  • Eye Issues

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs

Is Cairn Terrier a High-Maintenance Dog?

Cairn Terriers are a relatively low-maintenance breed, and they do not require very high maintenance.

Is Cairn Terrier Good With Kids?

Yes, Carin Terriers are a family breed, and they are excellent around kids.

Are There Cairn Terrier-Only Rescues in the UK?

Yes, there are Cairn-terrier-only rescues as well as Terriier-only rescues in the United Kingdom.


Here in this blog post, we have provided you with the best Cairn Terrier rescues in the United Kingdom that should be on the list in pursuit of getting your next Cairn Terrier rescue dog.

On top of our list is the Terrier Rescue, which is a Terrier-only rescue centre, providing rescue facilities for all the Terrier breeds.

Also, you can check Terrier Relief, Dogs Blog, and Dogs Trust to find your next CairnTerrier rescue.

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