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Jackapoo Rescue in UK: (2024 Updated List)

Jackapoo dogs are poodle dogs that are a mix of Jack Russell terrier, and poodle, providing these dogs with the qualities of both breeds.

Finding a Jackapoo rescue dog in the UK can be a hard task, as it’s a rare breed.

So, if you are looking for a list of rescue centres that have this breed, then this guide is for you, as here, I have compiled a complete list of 3 dog rescues that do offer Jackapoo dog rescues.

What are the Best Jackapoo Rescues in the United Kingdom?

1. Doodle Trust

Doodle Trust is the largest and most trusted doodle rescue centre and community. So, in case you are seeking the best Jackapoo rescue in the UK, check out Doodle Trust.

This poodle-only rescue facility helps poodles and cross poodles (doodles) get rehommed in the United Kingdom.

Also, they teach people about the care and grooming on this amazing breed, so, they don’t get laid off again.

Doodle Trust picks dogs from streets who have been abondoned and also from people who cannot keep up with their dogs anymore.

After picking up the dogs, Doodle Trust sends them to the foster homes, or foster kennels for the vaccination, training, and socialization, and ulitmately put them up on their website.

The adoption procedure is quite simple and straightforward. You simply have to visit the website, choose the Jackapoo you want to rehome and then fill up the adoption form.

Now, the rescue centre will send a representative for home inspection. After the home inspection is done, and everything is alright, you need to visit the foster home to checkout the Jackapoo you want to rehome.

If everything goes smooth, you have to pay a small adoption fee, and can take the dog rescue with you.

Doodle Trust is the largest poodle rescue centre, hence, you can expect largest collection of desired doodle, as well as excellent training, and socialization.

Information About Doodle Trust:

Location: New Market Street, Castle Douglas, DG7 1HY, UNITED KINGDOM

Phone: 0300 123 4185

Website: https://www.doodletrust.com/

Mail: [email protected]

2. Dogs Blog

Not many rescues offer Jackapoo rescue dogs, therefore you need to head to the Dogs Blog, as they have 650+ dog rescues associated with them.

As there are a handful of dog rescues, you can easily navigate your required jackapoo dog.

One thing that I like the most about this website is that there are a handful of filters, making it super-convenient to choose a dog rescue center.

Since, there are over 650 rescue shelters listed on the blog, it is super-convenient to easily choose the right dog rescue, as you won’t have to browse through hundreds of dog rescues to get your desired dog.

So, if you want to rehome a Jackapoo, don’t forget to checkout Dogs Blog, as it’s an important resource for getting a rescue dog in the UK.

Information About Dogs Blog:

Mail: https://www.dogsblog.com/contact/

Website: https://www.dogsblog.com

3. Doodle Rescue

The third rescue you can get to adopt a Jackapoo is the Doodle Rescue, which very similar in kind to the Doodle Trust is a Poodle/Cross Poodle rescue centre.

Doodle Rescue does not charge any amount for the surrendering of the dogs, it’s the reason that they have a immense collection of Doodles.

After getting the dog, they take care of all the dog treatments, vaccinations, grooming until they find a new home for the dog.

Finding a rescue on this website is also super-sweet and straight forward, simply check available dogs tab, and it will show you all the available dogs.

You have to regularly keep checking for dogs as they do not have any waiting list option.

Information About Doodle Rescue:

Location: DOODLE RESCUE, Lytchett House,13 Freeland Park, Wareham Road, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6FA, United Kingdom

Phone: 07419364998

Website: https://www.doodlerescue.uk/

Mail: [email protected]


Jackapoo dogs are not common in the UK, which makes it harder to pickup a rescue Jackapoo.

Therefore, we have created this guide where we have listed all the top Jackapoo rehoming centres.

Doodle Trust is the best place to rehome a Jackapoo, as they have the largest collection of rescues, and offer extensive training to the dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Cost to Rehome a Jackapoo Dog?

The actual cost of rehoming a Jackapoo dog depends upon the rescue centre you are choosing, and the dog (including age, spent on medical, etc). However, you have to keep in mind a rough amount of 300-700 pounds in mind.

What’s the Best Place to Pickup a Jackapoo Rescued Dog?

The best place to pickup a Jackapoo rescued dog is Doodle Trust, which is the largest doodle rescue charity in the United Kingdom.

Are Jackapoo Rescue Dogs Easily Available in UK?

Well, Jackapoo rescues are not as common as other poodle including Labradoodle, Cavapoo, etc, still, you can find them.

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